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First off, may I say to please, PLEASE take Chloe for obedience training ASAP!!! I believe that all dogs need it, but Ridgebacks ESPECIALLY need it! Especially since your girl has leash aggression.

Now, with that out of the way, I will say that I am a Ridgeback girl...I have a purebred and a cross, and volunteer for Ridgeback Rescue (go here for some links to info about Ridgebacks. Although they are challenging and difficult, they are a wonderful breed and will return the love you give them twofold! You are right that they love their people and would rather be with you than anywhere else. However, you do need to teach her that she CAN do things on her own, otherwise she'll develop separation anxiety. So teach her that she can lay on the floor, or in another room, all on her own and not be attached to you. It will be good for her confidence

As for the off-leash thing, I would be VERY careful with it, especially since she has bit someone and because she is obviously still a little nervous. Only do it in places where she is absolutely safe, and not going to startle/be startled by someone. Also, since they are sight and scent hounds, and can run VERY fast, I'd be very sure about her recall before you let her off leash. A SAFER option until she is trustworthy is a long line. This will enable her to run and jump about, and not run off chasing a bird or something (possibility of running into traffic etc, is eliminated with the long line).

I have had my male (RR/lab cross) for just over 7 years and he is absolutely trustworthy BUT being a Ridgeback is definitely willfully disobedient sometimes and will completely ignore me. He doesn't chase things though. My girl is a new rescue, so she is only allowed off leash in isolated areas. She actually has pretty great recall, but is nervous and does like to chase, so she has not earned the privelege, and she may never get it-some dogs just can't.

Great work on not giving her attention until she is calm-this is something key with the breed! They will TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND OTHERS WHENEVER THEY CAN!!!! You must be calm, consistent, fair, and gentle. And consistent LOL. Also, they tend to try and take advantage of new people, even if with you they are well-trained!

Please keep a good sense of humour as you will need it!!!

Post some pictures of Chloe! I would love to see her. If you have any specific questions about Ridgies feel free to ask me. Or if you want to laugh/cry/vent haha. They are challenging but very worth it, I promise! But get her into training and you will be very thankful! She needs it, and it will help her become more manageable. They are VERY intelligent and like to have something to do. They really need boundaries. But she will give you so much love and so many laughs!
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