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We had a much better day today! Yippee! When I woke up Raggs was lying in the sun in the living room and stayed there for about an hour before going back to bed. At his usual first feeding time I went in to see if he wanted to eat. He licked his lips so I gave him his first feeding and he ate at the regular time. Then he went outside and when he came in he stayed beside me as usual. He went back to bed about 2 hours later but I really think this is a better day. He is much more alert today and has been bugging me for the last hour to go sit in front of the TV. He's reacting to the cats too, yesterday he only reacted to them after he'd eaten about half his food. So I have keeping my fingers crossed that he is going to hold his own for awhile longer. YAHOOO!

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I really wish that when I was facing Tipper's serious illnesses, I had confided here. I tend to be a private person and I really had no one but my husband to talk with, cry with. So many people thought we were crazy to spend so much money with specialists for "a dog". She wasn't "a dog", she was my little Tippy, my heart. I know now that no one here would have had negative thoughts for us and the depths of my love would have been understood and shared. My heartache not dismissed. The members of this board are so wonderful. Seeing the support you are getting with Raggs makes me proud to be a member here.
Oh can I ever relate to you. That's the same thing I did when Pepper was nearing the end. I wish I'd shared then like I have now. I did share Pepper's surgery here but then I didn't post again until after she passed.
However, this time things were different because I thought Raggs was going to pass away before the month was over and I was in shock from his diagnosis so I kept posting. I also can't believe how kind and supportive everyone in this forum are. I am proud to be a member here

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I want to second the suggestion of using a towel to help Raggs walk better to go out. I did this for my neighbor's cocker spaniel when she was in declining health and it helped her be able to eliminate easier.
We tried it last night but Raggs became so anxious, I didn't have the heart to continue. I've found if I tell him "go slowly" he walks down the stairs without a problem. The problem happens more often when my son
lets him out because he sometimes sounds irritable that he's been taken away from what he's doing to let Raggs out, and Raggs seems to want to hurry down the stairs to please him. I've talked to my son about this and he's started telling him to go slowly too.

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Even if I don't post daily, you and Raggs are always close in my thoughts and heart. I know how bad this hurts.
I know many have said they read or post almost every day and I feel bad now for thinking I needed to apologize. At least it's over now, and I know I'm not imposing on everyone here.

I'm off to watch TV with my furbabies, and will post again tomorrow
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