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Ofa hip score (searching lines)

Hi everyone when a breeder sends in x-rays to OFA they do not have to let the public view them, so to look up the breeding lines that you look for become a challenge. Breeders can also send in a different dogs x-rays, it has been known to happen alot. If the hip score is bad you will never see that on the OFA datebase, but you would if the breeder or persons were honest. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd that I paid alot of money for. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 5 months old, at 12 months OFA scored her hips as serverly dysplastic. They can be seen on the OFA database for a reason so that people can view these lines. There were other dysplastic pups out of this litter and the breeder is now breeding the litter mate to mine. She has now sold the mother to someone else to breed her aswell, the cycle goes on. So looking on the OFA datebase might not tell you alot. Brooklyn has had her surgery to remove her feroral head to relieve her pain and is doing very well to the point that we do dog tracting, but she is limited to what I can allow her to do.

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