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Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
Alright, I'm back again. Gizmo goes in on the 14th to be neutered, and I was reading over the information packet the vet sent me, and part of it isn't very clear. They use a laser to perform the surgery, and mention post op pain management as an addition to the surgery. They'll give him an injection after, so that he can rest comfortably for the afternoon. Then they talk about an oral pain medication for the next couple of days. I know animals tend to heal quicker than humans, but pain meds for just a couple of days seems a bit...lacking. How long would you typically assume they need pain pills for, assuming there are no complications? Remington was on pain pills for a week, I think, but they didn't use the laser back then, so I assume that makes a difference. Should I ask for a week's supply of the pain meds?

and on a side note, how on earth does one pill a cat? The dog lets me open his mouth and put the pill at the back of his throat, but I'm thinking Gizmo wouldn't be so tolerant.

I don't give pain meds post-op for regular spays and neuters, especially not neuters. In 99.99999% cases it's totally not needed and also poses a danger in the form that if the cat has not had any bloodwork done, or just in freak occurrences, use of pain meds can cause renal or kidney failure. I won't even do pain meds at the time of surgery for neuters. It's just too risky for something that's nothing more than a papercut. And no, I'm not kidding.. it would be like giving morphine to a kid who scraped their knee. Sometimes you gotta just suck it up and deal with it for a bit. Actually I'd probably pick being a male cat being neutered over scraping my knee

Also, I don't know why on earth you would need a laser for a neuter I could neuter a cat myself with a kitchen knife and blindfolded

Here is what I say to those who are very concerned about pain meds: Would you rather have a live kitty that is a bit uncomfortable or a dead one? May be harsh, but too often have I seen the very sad things that happen from dosing up a cat or a dog on pain meds. The pain helps them heal, so that way they KNOW how much activity they can safely manage. When they get all hopped up on pain meds (especially dogs!), they often feel MUCH better than they should and become over active. This results in serious injuries, major bleeding and sometimes.. the unthinkable. (Oh, and for those that have been like "oh what it it was you!", I have lupus, so I'm quite aware of how not fun pain is.)

Hope that helps
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