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Alright, I'm back again. Gizmo goes in on the 14th to be neutered, and I was reading over the information packet the vet sent me, and part of it isn't very clear. They use a laser to perform the surgery, and mention post op pain management as an addition to the surgery. They'll give him an injection after, so that he can rest comfortably for the afternoon. Then they talk about an oral pain medication for the next couple of days. I know animals tend to heal quicker than humans, but pain meds for just a couple of days seems a bit...lacking. How long would you typically assume they need pain pills for, assuming there are no complications? Remington was on pain pills for a week, I think, but they didn't use the laser back then, so I assume that makes a difference. Should I ask for a week's supply of the pain meds?

and on a side note, how on earth does one pill a cat? The dog lets me open his mouth and put the pill at the back of his throat, but I'm thinking Gizmo wouldn't be so tolerant.
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