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Thank you for the updates. I check in on Raggs every day. He is a special guy and has so many here cheerleading for him (and you). I think there are several here who feel a strong connection to him.

I really wish that when I was facing Tipper's serious illnesses, I had confided here. I tend to be a private person and I really had no one but my husband to talk with, cry with. So many people thought we were crazy to spend so much money with specialists for "a dog". She wasn't "a dog", she was my little Tippy, my heart. I know now that no one here would have had negative thoughts for us and the depths of my love would have been understood and shared. My heartache not dismissed. The members of this board are so wonderful. Seeing the support you are getting with Raggs makes me proud to be a member here.

I want to second the suggestion of using a towel to help Raggs walk better to go out. I did this for my neighbor's cocker spaniel when she was in declining health and it helped her be able to eliminate easier.

Even if I don't post daily, you and Raggs are always close in my thoughts and heart. I know how bad this hurts.
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