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Last night he joined me in front of the TV and ate almost his entire second meal, just leaving the rice and a little broth and then demanded his treats. He was smiling away during our time in front of the TV and really seemed himself but tired. He did pout a few times when I made him wait for a treat. (guess I should explain, I give him 2 chix drumsticks broken up into small pieces and 1 beggin strip broken up into pieces and spread them over a couple of hours, so I'm not giving him a ton of treats).He wanted to go to bed early but ended up falling asleep on the floor in front of me instead of going to bed, until I was ready. I think he makes an extra effort at night because it's our special time together with the cats as well. He was still telling the cats off when they did something he didn't like.

Today he spent the majority of the day in his bed. He seemed very tired but ate about 2/3 of his food when I put it in front of him and seemed to enjoy it. His gums don't look quite as pale but he's obviously very tired and lethargic.

Tonight he had trouble going down the stairs to get outside and I'm going to try to make him use the pee pads from now on because I don't want him to fall. When he came back in, he ate the balance of the food in his bowl and then went back to his bed. I hope he's going to get up for TV time,

He seems even more lethargic today than he was yesterday and I'm hoping and praying that he holds his own, at least until Monday.
He has spent the day in bed in the past when he's had the previous bad times, but I feel he's slightly worse than before

I hope he does exactly what he did last night when I move to the TV in the next few minutes
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