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Thanks BenMax and L4H and everyone else who posts to this thread or reads it. I understand those of you who don't always post and only read this thread at times because I sometimes do the same thing with others' threads unless there is something worthwhile I can add

I don't think I mentioned the fact that I made an appt for Raggs to see my vet last week when I needed a refill on his Metacam. Then I cancelled it because I thought if I put him in the car it might cause more harm than good. He has wanted to go with us every time we've had to go out this week, but so far each time I've thought it might be too much for him and might cause another bleed because he seems so weak. I know that he's able to get up the 5 stairs without a problem and that flies in the face of the weakness I see

A friend dropped over and he came out of his bed to greet her and stayed beside me since. This is a good thing I see that make me think he may be stronger than I think. I just find it hard to evaluate.

Thanks again
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