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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
You found a rabbit and you find out , 2 weeks later, that this rabbit is your brother's ?
Also, wild rabbits look completely different than pet rabbits.. So your brother bought a rabbit that was supposed to be a male, then was a pregnant female, then it got loose in your yard to have babies, and everyone totally failed to notice that it was his rabbit? Or that the rabbit probably looked nothing like the wild rabbits native to North America?

For everyones sake, please give these babies to someone who knows what they are doing when they are old enough because all I can see is 20 thousand threads from you about how you can't tell how they are boys or girls and then they are having babies then they are not then they died or maybe they didn't. There are probably rescue groups, 4-H clubs, vet offices, or SPCA shelters around you that you can try and call to drop them off at when they are probably 4-8 weeks.
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