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Thanks everyone again

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Don't you dare stop posting Raggs' updates!!! .... Please keep us informed on how that hero is doing. He is a miracle pup and we all love him.
@14+ I didn't plan to stop posting updates about Raggs because I know many are following his progress. I was feeling badly for everyone here because I know what an emotional roller coaster this has been for me, one day worrying I will have to make the final decision and the next realizing he's recovering again (I am so happy this is happening but as I said it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and I love those recovery times) I expect some of that has transferred to some of you here, when I post about his down days and I'm very sad when I'm posting.

The last week or so Raggs hasn't recovered the way he was and he's quite weak despite the fact he can get up and down the stairs to go out. He's spending the better part of his days in bed and when I go and sit beside him he lifts his head up then after a few pats he kinda falls back onto his bed. He never did this before and I'm hoping it's because he wants his full body massage, but my better sense tells me it's because he's very weak and tired. When I sit in front of the TV he even goes back to bed during his TV time for a rest and then comes back after 5 or 10 minutes. He still wants all of his treats.

Yesterday he ate two full meals but they were not spread apart by hours like they usually are, he started eating about 6pm, took a break half way through as I posted yesterday, went out, came back in and went to bed. He got up again about 8.30 pm and after going outside, ate the rest of his food from the first meal. He was obviously still hungry so I made another meal and gave it to him at 9.30pm. He ate that bit by bit over the next 2 hours. This is totally different behaviour than usual, he was wolfing down his food at each sitting before last week. He still reacts if the cats go near his bowl, but doesn't make a move to protect it or eat it, the way he used to. I think his anemia is much worse and he is bleeding on a regular basis every day or so which doesn't give him a chance to get his hemoglobin up with the liver, between bleeds as I think was happening before.

I always like to say 'where there is life there is hope' and I am very happy I've had this long with him and hope to have more He doesn't appear to be in pain. (no pain posturing or other signs like pulling away when I rub him all over ) except of course when I try to brush him which may be a learned response to previous brushing before he got here

Thanks everyone for staying with me through this very sad time, as I said you have no idea how much this has meant to me and I don't plan to stop updating.
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