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Citronella Collars

We've got a case of complaining neighbours on our hands. Dash is a great pup while we're home and barks next to none while we're here. However we've been having constant complaints from neighbours. So about a week ago we decided to place a video camera in the house while we left for the day. Unfortunately the video camera only recorded for about an hour and a half but we saw a side of Dash we've never seen before.
It wasn't a bark like he'd seen another dog, but more of a long, whiney, howl. It actually saddened me to hear him because I could just tell he was only sad we weren't there.
We have tried an anti bark sound emitting device that produced a high pitched noise when Dash would bark but that didn't seem to do anything. I could never EVER think of putting a shock collar on Dash but we're now considering a citronella collar for him. I've read many reviews and they seem to be hit and miss, but we do need to do something before we get kicked out.
Some people say it's perhaps because we baby him too much and now he has anxiety and some have recommended anti-anxiety liquids or sprays but I'm just not sure if I would trust using one.
Any thoughts or similar stories? We could use any help we could get!

Thanks guys!
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