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Good News! When I went to sit on the floor with him he lay there quietly while I gave him a complete rub down and ruffled his scruffy edges full of old fur to get it out. He did object when I was close to his hips so I think his hips are sore despite the metacam. Then he proceeded to eat the food my son had warmed up that he didn't eat last night (about 1/3 his regular meal). Then a visit outside with no diarrhea and he was able to get back up the stairs without help.

When he came back in he was obviously still hungry so I made him his usual meal and he ate that over 1/2 hour. Then I moved to the TV and he demanded his treats and pouted when I made him wait for them. His gums are very pale again but he wasn't breathing rapidly except after exertion and his breathing slowed down after a few minutes which it wasn't doing the other night. He went to bed early again last night but it appears he has again recovered somewhat.

Today he knows I have made his first meal but hasn't come for it yet. He was up lying in the sun when I got up but as soon as it got cloudy he went to bed. I think he is more comfortable in his bed and I have thought about moving it to wherever he is lying eg in front of the TV. I don't want to force him to eat so I let him know it's ready and I expect he'll come when he gets hungry.

@hazel thanks I was led to believe that he would show anxiety and restlessness and possibly signs of distress alternating with periods of lethargy during the final big bleed because according to this person it will take awhile for it to happen. Each time he has had a crisis that I posted about, I have noticed that his breathing becomes very rapid and for a short period of time he is restless. But he is able to settle down at bed time and sleep despite the fact that he is still breathing rapidly. The next day I notice his gums are much paler and up until recently have pinked up over the next few days.

I really feel like I should apologize to everyone, when I think it is the end and he proves me wrong. Everyone has been so kind each time this has happened, I almost think I shouldn't post until I find out if he's going to recover from the episode but the support has been really important to me. The other reason is if he does happen to pass during one of these episodes as he will eventually, I would feel just as embarrassed and somehow guilty because I hadn't let everyone know that things had turned bad again.

I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts so much during this awful time and of course I am very grateful that I've been given this extra time with him All of your support has been a gift along with him still being with me You are all
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