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Thanks! I didn't know that about vitamin E...and I sort of feel like I SHOULD know that since I'm a nursing student!

Nahla was on Natural Balance fish and potato before and has been on it for quite some time (she was surrendered to rescue so we know her history for the last year at least). Nahla is not actually allergic to chicken as far as I know, but Whistler is VERY allergic so I figure it's better to just stay away entirely. He will get very red and itchy after having chicken. Nahla is definitely allergic to beef. Whistler used to be, but in the past few years he's been able to eat a lot of different things, including hamburgers that he stole HAHA but I think on a regular basis it wouldn't be good for him to be on a beef diet (plus Nahla can't have it). I think as Whistler got healthier and his immune system wasn't going so crazy, his body was better equipped to handle more things.

Whistler's dry skin might just crop up in the winter now that you mention it. I should try a humidifier, it would be good for all of us!

I'll start a little thread with a couple of pictures of them
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