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Today I am sad and apprehensive Yesterday he ate only one full meal and half his second meal and only some of his treats at TV time. He then fell asleep and went to bed when I did.

Today he has insisted on going outside only twice, but he was able to get in without help on the stairs. Up to now he has had a few mouthfuls of food and nothing more. However he is still drinking. He has spent the majority of his day in bed, but still wakes easily. I plan to go and sit with him as soon as I finish this post and see how he really is. I don't know if I'll be able to get more food into him when I do, but I'll try. He maybe having the big bleed now but I really hope not. I would think he would be restless, breathing rapidly and anxious if he were having a massive internal bleed and he definitely is none of those and is not breathing rapidly though he was yesterday.

I have put pee pads all over the house again but he doesn't appear to be using them. I'll try to post again after I spend some time with him

Thanks everyone, you've been my saviours throughout this
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