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Any information concerning a cat about to have kittens, what signs to know when time is near .


Female cats (Queens) meow continuously seeking your attention for comfort and guidance. She may be anxious and have little appetite or increased appetite. They sometimes choose places like a closet, or under a bed or table as their place to give birth.

Prepare a place before hand . A room that she knows and feels safe in , a crate or box with appropriate bedding and soft light. Introduce the birthing spot to your female a few weeks before parturition (labor) so that she can get use to the new spot.
Cats usually do not require human intervention during parturition.

Animals often give birth when you least expect it and when you are not even around !

Chantale Robinson AHT Bs.
Holistic and Alternative Vet. Medicine
Salaberry Veterinary Clinic
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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