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I have limited experience with Atopica, used for treatment in fistula cases.

The first night I gave it to Max, he went and hid in his crate for 4 hours. He was freaked out, very weak and wobbly. I ended up breaking open the capsules and using only a fraction of the drug each day. While that was better tolerated, it didn't help him, and I stopped it completely.

In the United States, you can get compounded modified cyclosporine (generic Atopica), and so far the best price on the 100 mg seems to be when we put our dogs on the health plan at Walgreen's and get their discount. I believe that Costco has the lower dose generic cyclo cheaper at the member price, though I could be wrong on that. The vet may not be able to sell generic Atopica, but the vet certainly should be able to write a script for it?????

My boy is allergic to just about everything. I've found that a homecooked limited ingredient diet (no grains, only meats and veggies primarily), supportive supplements (vitamin C, fresh ground flax, good multivitamin, etc.), etc. and lots of laundry to keep bedding and such clean, helps a lot.

I used to take allergy shots myself, and they helped a lot. I've seen them help dogs, and also do nothing for dogs, on the forums. I would certainly have a full thyroid panel also run.
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