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BenMax, you won't believe how sorry for you that makes me feel. For any garden lover in the cold countries. It's comments like that that make me aware of how lucky we are down here. Wish I could go round my garden and hand you a big bunch of roses right now.
Doggy lover, I am as curious, and as ignorant, as you are. A lot in my garden are annuals, so they just die down and are replaced, but perennials motor on. Right here we never get snow, 30 miles away, in the Grampians mountain range, maybe a bit a few times in Winter. Some years plenty of frosts though, which aren't real good for the garden but you tell me, what happens to your plants? It's amazing that anything could survive that snow, but I've seen Chico2's lovely garden and those plants must get through Winter to be the size they are. What happens to roses? To succulents? If I met any of you there'd be a million questions about your country and the gardens.
Chico2, unfortunately my husband should have had a hip replacement 2 years ago last October and it can't be done , had to postponed, cancelled maybe. He also was a hard worker all his life and has very bad arthritis, but then I'm not much better off now. Not on the hip replacement list yet but moderately bad, with a worn disc and a couple of slipped vertebrae, as well as terribly painful arthritis in my right shoulder(dog groomer's shoulder I call that ) and right knee(too many laps around the ring with the dogs I showed ) - my mother, if she was still alive, would say it's self inflicted. I feel for you though having arthritis in your hands. Is that rheumatoid arthritis? Mine is osteo, and even the occassional aching finger is hard to bear. We just muddle along. I do the main work here so I'm grateful for even the little bits he can help with. I know he is far more interested in growing things he can EAT whereas I love colour and perfume. A typical man??
Yes, gerberas are nice and watching this lot thrive makes me yearn for some more colours. Heaps more daylilies too. Of course get another stinking hot summer and all that will change, dependant on what gets killed off by the scorching sun.
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