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Thanks for your reply. Since I'm already giving them fish oil supplement that might be a bit redundant with that Ark product, although it is something else to consider. I found when I gave my boy a similar product though it seemed a little bit rich for him, whereas with the fish oil pills he does well. Also, the fish oil pills are pretty cost effective, which I like. I'm certainly not one to cheap out (LOL the dogs eat very high quality food etc and don't lack for anything, but I am a full time student so I eat a lot of ramen and tomato soup haha!).

The shampoo I'm using is a vet solutions Canadian medicated skin cleanser for dogs with skin issues. I really like Earthbath and it was nice for Whistler, but Nahla has a bad Oatmeal allergy and I have heard that even on the skin that can be an issue so I'm going to stay away from it just in case. Plus, she does not roll in everything like Whistler, so she won't need to be bathed very often.

I'm hoping that she will start to like swimming in the ocean, as that is excellent for their coats and skin so it might help. Also, as she builds confidence and becomes less nervous her skin might get less dry too.

Thanks again
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