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Dry skin-what ELSE can I do?


I'm new to the forums. I know that dry skin has probably been talked about a million times, and I did some searching, as well as a google search, and didn't find what I needed.

I have 2 allergy dogs, with some skin issues. My boy, who is older, I adopted when he was 14mos and his skin and coat have come LEAPS and BOUNDS that's for sure. He does still get dry flaky skin, but it's pretty minor now. My girl I just adopted a couple of weeks ago, and she is very dandruffy-it's her I'm concerned about. Her actual coat is very soft and she is shiny, it's just that her skin is very flaky. We live on the coast so it is generally pretty moist here, although it was dry and cold for the past week up til yesterday!

Both dogs get a fish oil pill (1000mg) every morning and every night. They are on a fish kibble, grain free (all treats, etc, are grain free). They do not get grains, beef, or chicken in any way shape or form. Nahla, my girl, had a minor skin infection from licking her feet so she's been on antibiotics for them. (Both dogs get a bit of plain yogurt in each meal, and also some canned pumpkin).

I gave Nahla a bath with a nice dog wash that is for skin conditions, and Whistler gets a bath with that once a month, or more often if needed (he's a roller hahaha). I groom them with a soft rubber curry at least once a week, sometimes more. Sometimes I also use a soft plastic curry comb too.

So, what else can I do for her dry coat? She is nervous so I think that probably doesn't help, but that is slowly settling as she learns to be more confident. Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to address everything I am already doing and see if there are any other suggestions I can try! Thanks!

Oh and yes, we have seen the vet, and we have no mange, parasites, fungus, etc
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