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Thanks hazel yes he is still drinking and I make sure I change his water several times a day so he has cold water available all the time, especially now with the vomiting and diarrhea.

When I add the chicken broth to his food, his food is always covered with it so he has liquid in his food. I started that after I switched him to the home made diet because I found he needed to clear his throat after a few bites of food and when I added the broth he was fine so I think the rice made it too dry. Now he usually eats and then goes to his water bowl for a drink even with the broth.

He didn't eat all his food tonight so he may be still feeling off. I'll offer it to him later and see if he'll eat it then. Then I'll see what happens tomorrow. He did seem hungry while he was eating the first half of his food tonight.

Thanks for the suggestion
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