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The bells on the door may be a good approach. My huskies don't often "ask" to go outside. I just take them on a regular schedule and they can hold it until then. But on occasion if they really have to go, they will paw at the door.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "whine". I don't think that either of my dogs whine, nor did my past dog. My one husky is very 'talkative', especially when he wants to play. It's more of a "ooooooooooh".
My other husky can go weeks at a time without saying anything, and then sometimes he's got a loud "ra ra ra" (normally when he's hungry ).

Also, what do you mean by having a hard time eating? Do you mean a hard time chewing, or just that she doesn't want to eat? I would start by doing a thorough examination of her mouth to ensure there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease that may be causing her pain.

If that's not the case, then perhaps she's just not that interest in food, which is how my Jasper is. He's not food motivated, and if he's not hungry, he simply won't eat. I also went through a couple different foods and treats when he was younger until I finally discovered he doesn't like fish. So perhaps your dog just doesn't particularly like the taste of the food she's currently on?

Good luck. It doesn't really sound neurological to me, it just sounds like she has her own personality.

There's quite a few members on here with more experience and advice than what I can give. I just thought I'd pass along a few things to think about, since I have huskies as well.
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