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Chico2 LOL I often look scruffy too so he's definitely at home here.

Hazel I haven't got any combs with the thick tines as in your pic, but the rake has tines that are a little wider than your comb. He doesn't mind it until it pulls his hair even sllightly. That's what makes me think he was brushed roughly at some point in time and his skin is now very sensitive. Often as soon as he sees any of the grooming tools he gets up and leaves. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I am disabled and have difficulty chasing him when he does this. In some ways I think he thinks he's alpha in these circumstances because he successfully avoids being brushed every time. The one thing he allows me to do is ruffle his fur to get all the loose hair out, but if I pull some out that is loose but stuck he leaves. I've resorted to ruffling his fur and trying to get him to allow me to get the loose hair off him with the brush or comb without touching his fur. Sometimes he allows it, sometimes he doesn't. You may be right about the arthritis because that is what I have decided may be the problem. I will probably pick up one of those wider tine combs tonight when I'm out. Thanks for the suggestion

Today before I fed him he had diarrhea. So I have cut back to rice and beef with chicken broth and metacam and see how he does with it, today.
Not sure what has upset his stomach but it looks like he may have got something he shouldn't have that caused the vomiting and diarrhea.
Hopefully he'll be able to withstand this
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