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Husky that doesn't whine, never has

I can't find information on this on line so was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have a female husky, one year old, she's the sweetest thing but seems like she might have some neurological problems. Sometimes she seems to have a hard time eating (comes and goes) and she has never whined. She does what I think is husky singing, which is this cool high pitched cooing kind of sound but its rare. The problem is she doesn't communicate when she needs to go outside like every dog I've ever owned has. She is housebroken but if I don't GUESS when she needs to go accurately, she'll end up going in the house. It's rare that this happens but it's frustrating when she has an accident. She probably goes to the door but I don't notice until it's too late.

Anyone ever hear of a dog that never whined? My other husky is 3/4 husky, 1/4 Rott and he has no problem whining.

I bought some jingle bells to put on the door, am hoping to train her to nudge the bells if she needs out.

Thanks for any feedback.
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