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Mast Cell Tumor

After my mother died, I took her female dachshund. That was two years go. Recently I had her at vet's because of bleeding (apparently from anus). Turned out to be anal gland problem. Heidi is 9 years old.

During anal gland problem I brought to their attention a hanging thing between her hind legs. Biopsy designated "mast cell tumor". Hanging thing had been there for over 6 months that I know of.

She had surgery for removal of the cancerous tumor last Wednesday, and is recovering well. However, I have not yet received the pathology report of what stage the tumor is/was in.

Has anyone had experience with this sort of tumor either in a dachshund or any other breed of dog?

Also, they gave me one of the "collars" to put over her head so that she can't get at the stitches. Being such a small (and low to the ground dog), I can't get it on her. She does lick the area, but I can't see that she is "getting at the stitches".

Any help, suggestions, comments, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Anne
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