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He finished his second meal today without incident, so far I had added the Burdock back into his diet 2 days ago and I wonder if it was it that made him barf, yesterday. I didn't add it today thinking that it very well could have been the catalyst.

I agree with you chico2 I'm sure he's telling me that he will only use the pee pads as a very last resort. We have a few of them around the house still, though they are dirty from tea and other stuff being spilled on them so I've changed them for no reason. I hesitate to remove them completely in case he needs them in the middle of the night or something. When he barfed he used one.

We had to go to the store tonight and we didn't take him with us. He was upset that we were going without him but I figured he didn't need the climb into and out of the car today, and we were only going to be gone 20 minutes. He loves his car rides but when he is weak it always takes a lot out of him and lately we deal with a day or two recovery after each ride. When we got back he was sitting on the rub in front of the door waiting for us. I think he sat there the entire time we were gone.

One thing I don't think I've mentioned before is that he is very hard to brush. He has always pulled away when I bring out the grooming tools especially when I try to brush his flanks and hips. It has almost seemed to me that it is painful. I always wonder what happened when he lived in the boarding kennel, because I can't imagine the rescuers I know that were involved with him and his sister doing anything that hurt them. That is the main reason he looks so scruffy in that picture of him and Smokey because when I get out the tools and try to brush him he pulls away as though he's in pain. Then he gets up and walks away even if I use treats to reward him. I have used almost everything in the way of grooming tools, soft plastic brushes (not meant for animals), regular animal combs using the wide side, slickers, matt splitters (though he doesn't need them), grooming rakes, you name it. The only time I had any real success was when I used the back of the grooming rake a few times and then on the last stroke used the side with the tines. That didn't last though because as soon as I used the side with the tines he jumped up and left the area. I have used a very matter of fact attitude with him over grooming but no matter what I do, I still think it causes him some pain. Does anyone have any ideas?

Scottiedog I am very happy that I've been given this time with him as I've now accepted the fact that he is going to die. Though it's still very hard to think of him being gone, and I will miss him terribly when it happens, it is somehow easier since I've accepted it. I'm still committed to try everything I can to help him stay comfortable and with me as long as possible.

Thanks again for helping me through this everyone, it really says tons about the people who belong to this forum. I have promised myself that from now on I am going to post as often as I can if I can help others, because I do care a lot about other people and their animals. I need to give back the help that has been given to me
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