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I was going to post on the 20th celebrating that Raggs had now made it 2 months but he was having a bad day and I didn't want to post and then find the decision had to be made a day or so later. So I waited.

He was/is breathing rather fast the last few days but his breathing slows when he's asleep. Last night his gums looked slightly pinker I think, (hope I'm not seeing what I want to see rather than what is really there).

I'm just hoping now that he can make it a few more days without another bleed. It has seemed in the last 2 weeks that he only improves for a day or two then has another down day or 2. This morning he's not in his bed, but here beside me at the computer and that is always a good sign, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever made him go downhill several times, will now take a break for awhile. I'll keep everyone updated.

Thanks again for all the support and staying with me through this. I never expected him to last this long after he was dx'd but I didn't know what to expect because none of my other animals have ever had cancer. Thank goodness!
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