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Thanks Hazel I know about those pee pads, I wish he'd use them but absolutely no dice He used them when his paw was sore right after he was dx'd but since he began feeling stronger, he's insisted on going outside. I guess I should use that as a major marker that he isn't that weak yet because he is still able to get up and down the stairs but now occasionally needs help getting back up them.

The weather here has been unpredictable very mild and sloppy with rain and mixed snow so he doesn't have the cold he loves when he gets outside. He is still eating as before, relishing his meals and gobbling them up. I have added the flax seed and burdock back into his diet because he had them before I added all those extra herbs without incident. He has had no problems since I added them and maybe it'll help him get a little stronger. I have doubled the amount of liver I'm giving him but wish I could do more to counteract the anemia but I think I'm doing everything I can.

Thanks for the support
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