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Thanks huskertrading for the link to your blog I will be more than happy to read it

I haven't updated this thread for 2 weeks because I see him starting to fail and am still hoping for another recovery. He had another episode about 10 days ago when he spent most of his time in bed. It took him a couple of days to show some energy but never reached the level he has in the past. Just when I started noticing he had more strength he had another day of lying in bed followed by another one. These lying in bed days are coming every few days now and I wonder about his quality of life

About 3 days ago he fell on the stairs on the way outside and I think he really hurt himself despite the fact he shows no sign of injury. Now when he has to go outside he stands at the top of the stairs and often decides he doesn't want to go out. Then he goes back to bed. We are standing in front of him now when he comes to the top of the stairs and that has helped him feel more secure about going down them. He has no choice but to use the stairs to get outside other than to use the pee pads I have around the house but he still refuses to use them.

On the few sunny days we've had in the last week he lies in front of the bay window in the sun instead of staying in bed. He is still eating well but his gums are extremely pale and don't seem to be pinking up the way they were a month ago. The only thing I've been able to do is to add more liver to his meals. He has been fighting with Smokey and Sam too so he's certainly not oblivious to the cats. He is still with me every night to watch TV and even demands it when he thinks it's time and I haven't moved yet. He has more bumps on him now, the abdominal/chest tumour is larger but he still seems pain free. He is still showing his happy face but not as often as before.

I know he must have had a couple more bleeds just going by his behaviour. I think he is staying in bed because his anemia must be getting fairly severe. One thing I've noticed is at times he is shaking his head. I always look for an ear infection when this happens and his right ear is a bit warmer than his left, but there is no discharge or odour as I would expect. I hesitate to clean his ears because it is something he hates do instead I've been rubbing under and behind his ears and he seems to like that.

I know I have pushed the panic button several times now but it seems he is not having time for a partial recovery as he did, before another bleed or whatever happens and he spends his days in bed.

We've been given the gift now of more than 2 months together since he was dx'd. I'm praying that he will have some recovery from this last one and we'll have more time. I really think that fall on the stairs took a lot out of him. He is also molting, which I found in the past with my other dogs took a lot out of them when they were sick. I am ready now if he shows he's in pain or shows he's having the big bleed to let him go. I honestly don't think he's ready yet, because the times we spend together during the day he really enjoys.

Thanks everyone for your continued support
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