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and how many people out there are currently using such methods each and every day. i was once told by a pretty little woman that i needed to break my dogs spirit to have a good one, her dog would crawl on its belly when called by me even with a snack in hand and kind encouragement, yeah, she really broke its spirit till it was a wimpering little thing with absolutly no spirit or personality. only recently my dog ran after the ball in the park and being tired sat down with it when she got to it (her way of saying im hot and tired). i usually let her rest then call her (it is really hot at the mo). a 'friend' was with us at the time and he said " you need to give that dog a bloody flogging, look at her" you should see his rotwheiler it is terrified of everything even the dark. these people are sick and have extreme mental and ego problems and only want to contrl dogs for ego enhancement and to make them feel big, @#$&* loosers, ahhh they make me want to scream spare the rod, ha, give me that rod and i will show you how it should be used
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