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Originally Posted by Inthedoghouse View Post
....thank you for the web site Love4
I read some of it and will read the rest later
Seems like the dogs had awesome lives - what wonderful countryside for them
to have played in and lived in
The photos are also very good
A great web site - happy and sad
Thank you . . . . . hopefully more "happy" to come as we rebuild our little family first with Ruby and then, perhaps, another Golden bum.

Abby and Keeper were not related. Abby came to us as a puppy and, when she was one year-old, she was joined by Keeper, a rescue, also one year of age at the time. They passed away 26 days apart late last year, both at the age of 12.

In the last few days I've begun the process of alter Goldentales to Ruby's coming life while also preserving the legacy of our good friends Abby & Keeper.


Ruby, in black and white. . . .

. . . . and, I'll throw in "Curious Polly" below. Polly is handicapped and can only go outside with constant human supervision. She was abused in a pet store and, the day after we picked her up, she had to have her back feet amputated to save her life. She gets around just fine on the stumps and all the dogs she's known are afraid of her. She really sticks up for herself and does catch mice on her occasional forays outside.

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