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Beautiful Boxer Boy Chuck Needs a forever home - Canada

Name: Chuck

Age: 3-4

Sex: Neutered Male

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Cats: Unknown

What can we tell you about Chuck! Well what can't we tell you, he's wonderful! Chuck is being surrendered because his family is required to make a long distance move and will be renting when they arrive not allowing Chuck to travel with them. They are heartbroken over giving him up but know with the uncertainty of life over the next little while Chuck deserves the security of a family to call his own.

Chuck currently lives with a maltese and children and loves all of them. His owners describe him as calm and mellow in the house, a snuggler who would love to just curl up in your lap and fall asleep. Chuck is house trained and has completed basic obedience. An obedience class is always recommended to new parents to help build the bond between owner and new companion along with a tune up for Chuck.

If you think Chuck would be a good fit for your family please complete an on line adoption application:

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