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Hi there! I see that these issues were from about a year ago. Lindseyjo, I have a 1 year old Boston terrier with what sounds like a very similar issue to what your dog had. She is completely awake and the spasms happen late at night, usually when she's been sleeping for a while. She can't seem to get comfortable and looks at me like I should help make them stop. I've called the vet and they said its not a seizure and I can take her in for some routine bloodwork and they can try and figure it out but it didn't seem like something to be very concerned about. It's happened twice and has lasted for a little over an hour both times and I would really like it not to happen again, but don't want to go to a neurologist off the bat. Did you ever get to the bottom of the issue? I hope your dog is better, I would love to know what the vet said in your case. Thanks!
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