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Thank's girls,he looks smaller in the pic and his tail-feathers are hidden by the pool-skimmer,I would say a bit bigger than my Crows.
Probably not a Pergrine,more than likely a Coopers Hawk,very common around here.
Looking in my bird-books,so many look the same,spotted chests,striped tail-feathers,a few white spots on the wings.

He will usually wait at a distance,until the Pigeons are on the ground eating,then he'll catch them at their most vulnerable as they try to fly away.
Once they are flying,they are very fast and can get away.
I absolutely hate itbut can only hope he kills them quickly..

Shirley,my son said he saw Golden Eagles up north in cottage-country,I did not believe him at first,but I've heard they are here.
I've only seen one and it was in South Carolina,beautiful birds..

Goldfields,I have plenty of Squirrels,but the Hawks don't even make an attempt to get them,they usually freeze when a Hawk is around.
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