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Welcome Katts for finally posting. As Growler said CRF is not necessarily a death sentence and Bol's response to the IV fluids will probably alter the blood work significantly, lowering many of the high levels.

I have a male cat who has been living with CRF for over 5 years after having several bouts of urinary crystals that blocked his urethra. He is now 13 1/2 years and at the beginning of all this totally refused any prescription food so for at least a year he was untreated other than several visits to the vet for rehydration with IV fluids and removal of the blockage and regular medication with a drug that relaxes the bladder and urethra walls so that he could pass the crystals more easily. He also had frank blood in his urine for months and months showing that the crystals were continuing to pass frequently.

He developed CRF during that period with one episode of ARF that had him living at the vets for a week. He finally started eating the prescription food and to this day will now pass up the other 3 cat's food to eat his prescription diet. He has had no acute episodes of ARF for almost 2 years now and is 13 1/2 years old and healthy. We still have occasional periods about every 6 months when he strains and passes blood in his urine. He always lets me know when he is having these problems by peeing outside the box, often right in front of me. At those times I give him the medication to relax his bladder and urethral walls and the problem passes in a few days without a visit to the vet.

Good luck with Bol, I hope the IV fluids work and you have many years of her company like I have. Sending good vibes for you and Bol
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