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Originally Posted by Writing4Fun
Not that it's up to us to judge whether or not someone should adopt, but didn't Denise just adopt out one of her dogs because she felt she had too many? Or am I getting my stories mixed up now?

No the dogs were not mine, I helped find homes.
Kept them with me until they could be placed in another home. Rather than go to a dog pound.
I was looking at adopting two dogs that need to stay together, that are related, however I have decided against coming from so far away. You just hear about or I should say read about so much fraud and or getting the dogs in very very poor shape. I read a lot of posts with these problems.
I did say in the first posting that they are toys very tiny and yes the lady says they have crates.

And I did not return quickly, because I had a family emergency out of town.

I hope I have answered everyones questions that were posted in this one posting.
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