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I know in the UK banding is illegal and alot of places just do it to save the money from having the dock surgically done. Some breeders even use fishing line. My thoughts are that it would be more painful especially when the pup is over a week old and can feel pain. It would be like me not wanting a toe so i put a band around it and hope it falls off. With what I have read, the bands are put on right after the puppy is born and does not take long for the tail to fall off. I am not sure how old those pups are in the picture, but my glance before it was removed looked as though they were older then 2-3 days. I have been on about 50 sites looking into it and as long as the tail is kept clean then apparently it is safe. I just hope those puppies are very very young and the breeder just isnt trying to save a few bucks.
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