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Carina is right about dog's mental maturity... Chocolate turn 3 in late December & only these last couple of months I've noticed a growing change in him... he doesn't jump up as much, no barking/excited rampage as he used to earlier... ( ... ) LOL.

he's more of the "stop annoying me, I dont u jumping on my back anymore" than Honey is... hehehe.

FINALLY, he's getting what he deserves after the years I've put up with him... lolololol.

that boy was COnstant attention, now he's relaxing.

sometimes it even scares me & I think he's getting old ...

from a the ULTRA Hyper Pointer, he's now transforming into the Aristocratic Pointing Pointer. lol.

but don't get me wrong, like everyone else, he's still shows his childhood roots every now and again...
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