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Originally Posted by happycats View Post
Don't flame me, but what's with all this negativity I know it's grim, but at least try and give advise so she can try to save it

How many people have kept and saved the runt of so many dog and cat litters??!!! and how many runts grow up to be beautiful and healthy adults??!! To just give up and let it die is wrong! You have to do all you can, and if it dies anyway, well at least you tried......and didn't just sit buy and watch it die a slow painful death !

Some times they push one out simply because they don't have enough of milk or teats to feed them!

I don't know but I would try and help the baby regardless !
Happycats, not being negative, being realistic and informed. I have seen dogs do this, cats do this, bunnies do this, squirrels in fall do this with second litter. It is natures way and they do not survive. I have intervened with puppies and seen health issues that were neurological in damage, same with kittens, when it is selection of one, it is for a reason. A few day old wild rabbit cannot survive and will die a slow death. I would love if it would make it. The baby needs heat, feeding every hour and stimulation, too much heat and you cook it, too much food and it's stomach explodes, not enough stimulation and it becomes impacted...... I am thinking of the baby rabbit here, not of the desire to save the life. With me, the animal always comes first. I may seem harsh but honestly the animal is my number one concern.
"For every animal that dies in a shelter, there is someone somewhere responsible for its death".