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O.K. Just got home from vet and Peedee had his first subq fluids. He did well during it. He is going to be getting this treatment twice a week and in 2 weeks he will have his labs drawn again to see if the fluids,hills kd can food and the fromadine is making any difference. I have fed him when we got home and he ate it very well.I did get a copy of his lab results
AMY result was 1362. Normal range is 300-1100
BUN 152. Normal range 10-30
CA 12.6 normal is 8-11.8
PHOS 15.1. Normal is 3.4-8.5
CRE 5.5. Normal is 0.3-2.1
GLU 151. Normal is 70-150
CHOL 278 normal between 90-205
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