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I just called the vets office about Iv treatment and they told me they usually do subq's on their kidney cats due to Iv's blowing out their vein. I have an appt at 11 for peedee to get a treatment of subqs. I hope that helps him some,even though it's not an Iv treatment. He did have a urine test this week and it ruled out Uti. His weight has dropped from 10 pounds to 7 pounds. He is eating wet cat food and dry. Lately I noticed it's taking him a day and a half to eat a can that used to be almost finished at one setting. I do see him munching on his dry cat food occasionally. He is drinking lots of water and likes to get in the bathtub where we have a slow drip so he comes up to me with a wet head a lot from hanging out there.he does get in the bed during the day by himself,but if I am in the bed he will meow until either myself or my husband pick him up. Yesterday he hung out on back of couch a lot in the sunshine while I was downstairs. He still likes to be where I am. He has started to where he will get in front of a wall and just stare at it for long periods of time. That is new. I will ask today for a copy of his labs and will post the high ones. I know there was another test the vet said was blood electrolytes and his level was high and was 15. I wrote the name of the medicine you recommended down and will ask for it today. Thanks for so much input.
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