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Originally Posted by IlovemyPeedee View Post
The vet gave me the results of his lab work. His BUN was 152 creative 5.5
Was there a urinanlysis done? If not I would suggest having the urine tested prior to starting fluids.

With numbers like that I would be asking the vet about admitting Peedee for a few days stay at the vet for IV fluids. A couple of days on IV Fluids will drop those numbers significantly so Peedee can be better maintained with (likely daily) subq fluids at home.

Does your vet have round the clock care when patients are admitted and staying overnight? If not I would look at have him transferred to a clinic/ER Hosp that does for the night & then transferring back to your regular vet for monitoring during the day.

Originally Posted by IlovemyPeedee View Post
The vet couldn't believe he is still eating,but he is. She suggested fromatine? For his stomach and kidney diet wet food.
How much is he eating, is it consistant from several years ago? or is he not eating very much?

What food are you currently feeding? Brand/Flavour? Canned or Dry?

Famotidine USP is the active ingredient in Pepcid AC, it is commonly prescribed for stomach acid, however you must have the correct dosage from your vet. There are several different types of Pepcid on the market and some have ingredients that are not good for kidney cats as well as some that have twice the famotidine of Pepcid AC which can be harmful.

Some cats especially those with Creatinine over 5 may not do very well on Famotidine as it can cause an increase in vomiting, likely from the kidneys not clearing the excess amounts as efficiently as they should. Ranitidine has good results when cats can't tolerate Famotidine.

You should speak to your vet about using Ranitidine instead. Ranitidine's brand name is Zantac 75, it works in much the same way as Famotidine. My CRF cat was briefly put on Zantac while hospitalized for a protein allergy, her Creatinine at that point was 2.7 so not nearly as high as Peedee, but this was the recommended choice of the ER vets.

Originally Posted by IlovemyPeedee View Post
She said I would know when it's time to put him asleep. Night time has been rough ,he constantly gets out of bed to get water which his bowl is in my bathroom then comes back and cries for me to lift him back in bed. We do this many times through the night. Needless to say we don't get much sleep. He has starting peeing in my bedroom which he usually would never do. He doesn't have a uti so it must be the Crf causing it. Obviously he doesn't feel well due to this.He still loves to be petted ,he sleeps most of the day. When he urinates it's very clear like water due to his kidneys not functioning. He has lost 3 pounds over the past few years.
Do you have any other bloodwork results? What else is out of normal range?

It sounds to me like he is feeling too weak/tired to climb the stairs to the bed, not just from the arthritis but likely the effects of not enough of the toxins (BUN/creatinine) being cleared by the kidneys, as well as dehydration.

Several trips to the water bowl/litterbox over a short period of time shows he can't keep hydrated properly, it's time for IV fluid intervention, this is passed the need for subqs at this point. Once you get the numbers down to a more manageable point then subqs.

How much does he weigh now?

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