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Originally Posted by Carina
Luckily my bro was brought up with a strict work ethic and lots of animals! So he is pretty grounded and very well socialised. He went through lots of obedience training (I changed his diapers) and was taught proper bite inhibition early on, so he is acceptable in most public situations.

He has all sorts of arcane distinctions in the academic/philosophy world, but has yet to parlay any of it into a serious income. He gets grants from all sorts of odd places and so far has made a pretty nice tax-free income just for studying things like "What do we really mean when we say "chair"" but he still lives like a grad student at 35.

But when I go visit him in Chicago he knows to clear a spot and take the Blue Stuff out of the toilet bowl because I am bringing a dog!
I still want to trade! I am the baby of the clutch. My brother Dan left home shortly after my father up rooted us from the keyes to New York. He basicaly raised himself afterwards, putting himself through college. We did not find each other again until 1989, when I moved back into the area.
I love him too, but he makes it hard to "reach" him. Dan is 52, gorgous and never married, wants a wife but is clueless. He is so smart, well to do, and lonely. I had to help him change a door knob on one door in his house back in 1990, he could not figure it out, yet his mind works on a level I cannot understand. I feel for him, he's got "it"..but is lacking in all areas we take for granted.

I like having less working brain cells, makes me work harder and appreciate more.
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