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Originally Posted by IlovemyPeedee View Post
Night time has been rough ,he constantly gets out of bed to get water which his bowl is in my bathroom then comes back and cries for me to lift him back in bed.
Can you put a bowl of water in your bedroom? I have bowls all over the house so my guy never has to go very far to get a drink. Also, perhaps some pet-steps to help Peedee get back into bed would lessen the amount of times he has to wake you up. I got some for my cat because he has really bad arthritis, and although it took him a couple weeks to get used to them, he always uses them now.

Originally Posted by IlovemyPeedee View Post
He has starting peeing in my bedroom which he usually would never do. He doesn't have a uti so it must be the Crf causing it.
Arthritis is another possibility, since something like 80-90% of cats over 12 have it to some degree. You might not like my suggestion, but I think you should put another litter box in or very near your bedroom. Find a large shallow one, like an under-the-bed storage box. Scoop it several times a day and I doubt you'll have a problem with odours. I have a box just outside my bedroom for Aztec. Sure beats having him pee on the carpets!
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