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Originally Posted by Carina
Did someone say "burrito?"
sniffsniffsniffsniff.....yum yum.

Karin I have a brother who is also waaaayyyyuh up there, intellect-wise. He'd probably find Mensa boring. He is a post graduate philosophy student, easing into being a professor, either at the university of Chicago, Toronto, or somewhere in Berlin.
He went to Germany for 6 months once; the time he figured it would take him that long to learn German well enough to read Kant and Neitsche (sp) in the original text, and ditto Mexico in order to learn to read some of the South American philosophers.
Now he goes back to both countries periodically to teach classes (in those languages) - he is such an academic but he is my little brother and I wuv him. :love:
I cannot imagine him being able to spend much time on internet forums!
Nah na na nah Nah! My brother beats your brother! My brother Dan quit working for U of Fla. 2 years ago..he is a nuclear engineer by trade, digital design inventor and has been working his first & only contract since striking out on his own, for Keesler Aerospace. He is the dude who designed the new sensor's for the shuttle program, so there will be no more Columbia type accidents. (also for the space station too) He also designed the robot mine sweeper for Afghanistan and the cardiac pace maker that needs no recharging.
Too bad we are not on speaking terms anymore.He built my computer which has issues, but most important, he would not let me stay with him in his concrete house for the hurricanes because of Ciara. This broke my heart.

No games here, I'm proud of your brother too! Wanna trade? My brother is clueless in other areas, like family. I am proud of my brother but he leaves the entire family shaking their heads in wtf attitude.

Internet play does not exist with him, does not even understand why we do it. Go figure?
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