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Originally Posted by Karin
LMFAO! *I meant to say burro*
Did someone say "burrito?"
sniffsniffsniffsniff.....yum yum.

Karin I have a brother who is also waaaayyyyuh up there, intellect-wise. He'd probably find Mensa boring. He is a post graduate philosophy student, easing into being a professor, either at the university of Chicago, Toronto, or somewhere in Berlin.
He went to Germany for 6 months once; the time he figured it would take him that long to learn German well enough to read Kant and Neitsche (sp) in the original text, and ditto Mexico in order to learn to read some of the South American philosophers.
Now he goes back to both countries periodically to teach classes (in those languages) - he is such an academic but he is my little brother and I wuv him. :love:
I cannot imagine him being able to spend much time on internet forums!
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