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My pup has a problem with that too. She scratched and dug. I called the vet and asked what the problem migh be. He said it could be dry skin, or anything. Her coat was pretty dull so I got brewers yeast tablets and I give her a half of one everyday and when I bathe her I do it with cooler water and only when its a must! I also use oatmeal bath instead of just the plain hypoallergenic and it seems to be working great. I would think your vet would know if it was just plain dry skin though. I am with the others though, it could be a food allergy. I have to cook my little ones food now. Chicken (de-boned of course) , a pasta rice, or egg noodle she likes the egg noodle the best, and carrots and broccoli. 50% protein and 25% pasta 25% vegetable. You can also use rabbit, beef, and some other meats as well as othe pastas and vegetables but I have not been doing it long so I havnt changed it up much. I also give her a daily vitamin as recommended so I dont miss any essential nutrients. She is doing alot better now. How the little one starts doing better!
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