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Originally Posted by Gale911 View Post
My little girl cat passed away last week from renal failure, I gave her sub Q fuilds and Azadyl ( a probiotic baceteria ). She was diagnosed in October with ealy stage but by Christmas she was pretty bad.
Try to keep your cat eating and drinking fluids, these are the most important things other than love.
Good luck
Hi Gale sorry to hear about your girl

I'm not sure if you are responding to me or PMFan, if this was directed at me (as I know sometimes people only read the first post ) I originally started this thread a little over 3 years ago when my girl was diagnosed & she had 3 good quality years with CRF before unrelated Lymphoma took her, this thread has kept going to help others dealing with feline renal failure. Any and all tips and good wishes for others are always welcome as something you tried may help someone else.
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