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What do you see?

Hi! We're new to the forum. Meet our puppy, Caboose! He's very charming and true to his age, has two modes: Full-Speed Ahead and Comatose.

I'm wondering what breeds you guys think went into this mix because everyone we meet seems to have a different opinion. One woman was adamant that there is Stafordshire Terrier somewhere in his parentage but I don't know... the head shape doesn't seem right to me. Of course, I'm no expert. Anyway, he is currently about 30lbs at 13 weeks old (born in early November). For the record, we were told that mom is an Australian Cattle dog (and two of his littermates did have the black/tan/white/eye patch colouring consistent with that breed) and dad is a mastiff. One WEIRD thing - he has webbing on his toes, which, as far as I know, isn't a trait of either of those breeds.

Here are a few photos. Our son is 13 months old and about average height (approx 30"), so you can kind of use him as a frame of reference .
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