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Another 7 days has come and gone and he's still holding his own HURRAY!! He's hungry and active around the house but does seem to have to go out frequently after he eats. As this is always after dark it is hard to tell what he's doing out there but he often comes back in with snow on his muzzle and I wonder if he's just going out to eat snow.

I've offered him ice cubes but he doesn't want them as often as he did before. I've continued to hold his bowl while he eats as I still haven't been able to get to the flower pots or find anything else which will work to raise his bowl. He seems to digest his food better and eat much slower when I hold his bowl. I also had to take the sardine out of his diet because he wanted to go outside after only a few bites of his food when I included it. I added some flax seeds to his diet in it's place.

The only major change is the 'tumour' on his lower chest/belly is larger but remains pink and hairless. His gums aren't as pale as they were when I added the liver, so it seems to be working for his anemia. I have decided to leave his diet essentially as-is with rice, beef/chicken, finely chopped liver, 2 tbsp flax seeds, chicken broth, crushed senior vitamin/mineral pills, UBAvet and Metacam as he seems to tolerate that mixture without any problems. I decided not to add any herbs or other supplements back in because I think they caused this episode and even if he doesn't last as long, it is better not to give him something that may cause vomiting and another episode like the last. I think this diet I have him on has given him more time than he would have had, if I had stuck to his old diet of kibble and canned food.

He's also interacting with all the cats more than he was before this last episode. He is tolerating Smokey rubbing himself under Raggs's chin and he and the oldest cat, Sam, seem to have found common ground and aren't fighting as often. He still has issues with the female and I'm not sure what they are because there seems to be no rhyme or reason to Raggs's objections to her.

Anyway just thought you all would like an update after a week of improvement. Looks like we did dodge the bullet for now What I see is all good for now, he definitely is holding his own. and I can only hope and pray I have more time with him.

Thanks again everyone for staying with us during this time.
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