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Question Food question

Hi Everyone! I wonder if you can answer a question re changing food for me.

When we got Sunny from the HS last summer, he was eating Whiskas and Iams (I think it was Iams - they gave us a bag of Iams when we adopted him). Anyway, we knew enough that we needed to put him on better food and I asked my daughter to choose. She choose Eukanuba (for his dry, 24/7 nibbling food) and TechniCal for his wet (my sister feeds her cat TechniCal so my daughter chose this brand for him). Anyway, as time went on and I read more and more here (and other places), I decided to change his food again (because nothing is too good for our Sunny Boy!! :love: )

I changed his dry first - to Nutro Complete Care. Sunny loved it and it was no problem changing it (I mixed his two foods at first and after about a week, switched him over completely to Nutro -- but when the foods were mixed, he mostly ate the Nutro). Great! That was easy. We did this about 4 weeks ago.

Wet food -- well, not so easy. We started three days ago. We're trying him on Wellness (LOL - my husband read the ingredients and asked if we could serve this as paté.... )

Sunny's not liking it at all. Mind you, it's only been three days. First day he ate about 1/2 of what I put out (he gets 1/3 or a can). Second day - just a few nibbles. Today - he didn't touch it. My husband suggested mixing it with his old (like we did with the dry) - but I'm not sure. Should I just go back to the TechniCal for a while and try again some other time? Have I tried changing his wet too soon after changing his dry? I don't like him not eating his wet food.

When we switched him from the Whiskas to the TechniCal - he loved the new food - he immediately went for it and that was that. So, I just assumed it would be that easy once again (I should know better -- I've learned that one should never assume anything when it comes to cats.... )

Any advice?
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